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Caden       Harris

"Financial Literacy For a Kid by a Kid"

" Tools for Parents and Educators"


Caden Harris



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Here are a few videos to help you get to the know the company and CEO better.



The company Caden Teaches was created to develop fun, adventurous and unique ways of learning. This business will solve the problem of financial literacy through multiple kid friendly products. These products are different from most because they are for a kid, by a kid. It is proven that kids absorb information better from their peers. Through a compilation of: financial flashcards, activity books and YouTube tutorials each child will learn topics on banking, real estate, doubling their allowance, saving money and more. This brand, created by a true change maker is on the rise and preparing to help learners across the globe.

Caden Harris is the CEO of Caden Teaches. He is a speaker, serial author and business owner. His business has been featured on Fox 5, NBC and several other publications. He has a growing interest in real estate and business development. His goal before he turns 20 is to own and multifamily unit where he can offer affordable living for families. 

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