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Caden's Mission

Modern day visionary and award winning entrepreneur Caden Harris puts together an exclusive take on financial literacy. Because of is body of work globally, he has been recognized and honored as a youth Ambassador for the United Nations. 


In his written pieces and financial learning tools, he puts together peer to peer insight and guidance. His teachings mold the mindset of young scholars. Scholars will finish his programs understanding: 

- practical money lessons

- the importance of earning and saving money

- 12 Rich Tips to financial success for kids

Organizations book Caden because of his fun and interactive way of teaching kids financial literacy. Studies show that kids often learn better from their peers than adults. Caden leaves every kid inspired and with more knowledge on the basics of financial literacy. 

 Organizations Caden Has Partnered With

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Must Watch Videos!

Caden commands the FinFest audience, sponsored by Prudential. View this video for his conference presentation. 

Caden took over a school in Urbana, Il inspiring the students and educating them on financial literacy. 

Caden takes over a Dekalb county school in Georgia. View this video to see his workshop with middle school students. 

Caden's Financial Products


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"The information Caden is teaching is a treasured asset and needed in all school systems."

- Principal Norman Thomas (Cedar Grove Elementary)



"Caden is doing a great job teaching essential knowledge. He was an asset to my Boys To Men Program this summer."

- Sheriff Melody Maddox



"The information on financial literacy provided by Caden was a true addition to the children involved. We can't wait to have Caden teach our other clubs."

- Bob Mackey (CEO Boys & Girls Club North Central)

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We have developed a comprehensive financial literacy curriculum aimed at empowering young students with essential financial skills. Recognizing the importance of equipping underserved schools with resources to promote financial education. 


Benefits of Sponsorship:

-Tax Write-Off: By sponsoring the financial literacy curriculum for a school you can qualify for a tax write-off. This contribution can be considered a charitable donation, allowing corporations to maximize tax benefits while supporting a worthy cause.


-Enhanced Social Responsibility: Our partnership will demonstrate commitment to corporate social responsibility. By investing in the financial education of underserved students, we can make a tangible difference in their lives and contribute to building a more financially literate society.

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