This isn't an ordinary E-book it comes with Bonuses!
-Minutes with Millionaires Parenting Course (over 5 hours of content)
- Audio book version
- Minutes withMillionaires Recorded Interviews
- Booklist for Parents and kids
- Parenting Wealth Building Checklist
In Minutes with Millionaires, Caden Harris unveils the mindset and proper preparation for parents to learn the strategies that the wealthy have used to raise wealth minded kids. 

As his mentor Dr. Dennis Kimbro told him, " if you didn't come from a wealthy family, then a wealthy family must come from you." 

Many parents struggle with teaching their children the value of an earned dollar. They also struggle with their children not realizing the cost of the things they ask for. 

This groundbreaking book, will guide your children in developing the self discipline needed, good spending habits, as well as a financial foundation for your child to grow on.

Studies show, that the average high school graduate has no savings, budget, nor knowledge of investing. 

Minutes with Millionaires, is here to reverse that outcome

Minutes with Millionaires E-Book and Course